Saturday, January 19, 2019

Air Force protects us from Aliens

The last few years have been wonderful. My son has given me so many wonderful moments and instances to cherish for the rest of my life.
These kids have this amazing ability to surprise us every now and then with their intelligence, creativity and logical reasoning. One such incident happened just last week.

My 6 years old son was given a theme for a class drawing session. The theme was 'I'm proud to be an Indian' and the kids were supposed to come up with a drawing and write a few words about it.
And as it so often happens, I remembered about it just the previous night of the schedule. So all I could do was discuss with my son as what he wants to draw the next day in class.
I asked whether he is okay to draw an airplane representing the Indian Air Force. He was happy with the idea as he loves drawing cars and stuff, and immediately asked what should he write with it. I told him to write, 'I'm proud of Indian Air Force as they fight the enemy'. I continued to mention, 'Aliens' as the kids relate to aliens more than the enemies. With that idea we closed the topic.

The next day I had to pick him up from school who usually commutes in school bus. I very well thought of meeting his new class teacher to have a word with, so I went all the way to his class. While we were at it, my kiddo was excited to show his drawing which was put up on the board along with few others. I was happy seeing he had drawn a nice airplane as per the plan. I took a snap and came back.

Only after coming back home I noticed all the other details from the snap and I was astonished of the fact that he has created a whole scene on that paper. Kiddo had filled in so many other details in the drawing that I was amazed at his thought process. I've numbered few key aspects which I want to emphasize on:

1. Here, he has drawn an alien ship. I am pretty sure, he has got that idea of alien ship from the cartoon Pocoyo. 😜

2. He has drawn a guy taking a leap from the airplane with a parachute. And please note, he has aligned the frames to depict a fall.

3. And here he has made sure to open the back door. I can see that was a closed compartment before, which he erased to open it.

4. I can also see he is showing few bullets being shot at the alien ship.

5. Icing on the cake, he gives the title 'Air Force protects us from the Aliens' 😃

We have always seen him enjoying his drawings and coloring activities at home. I was happy when his previous class teacher had talked about his ability to bring details in his drawings in a recently concluded Parents-Teachers meet.

This was so overwhelming that I decided to share it here.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon 2018

Race Category: Half Marathon (21.1 kms)
Timing: 2:15:35

Well, the plan was to run a Full Marathon (42 kms) in this edition and I had registered for the same as well. But since my practice didn't meet the expectations for a Full Marathon, I decided to change this to a Half Marathon (21 kms) couple of weeks back.

The race started on a bright and clear sunny day at 6:45am with good turn up for the event. I had a Plan A which told me to run at a steady pace of 6:30 from the beginning till the end, and there was Plan B which told me to run dynamically based on how the body is feeling. Just after a kilometer, I decided to pursue with my Plan B and started off with a comfortable pace and regulate based on the intensity. And guess what, I was faster than my usual pace though out with this strategy. In fact, till the end of 16 kms, I was faster than my usual pace by well over 10 secs and that was something. 17th and 18th kms were slower due to higher elevation but ended my race with a personal best of 2:15 which is about a minute faster than my previous best ran in Mumbai this year.

Happy I managed to register my personal best again. Planning to raise the bar little higher during coming months. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Face resemblance

Well, I'm not here to talk about the Facebook's face recognition or any other apps available in the app stores. I want to talk about one of my in-built feature which I'm not sure when or how it started.

I've this feature, rather a tendency, of trying to find a face match when I see any peculiar face. The face can be of anybody's - an actor while watching a movie, a friend, a colleague or for that matter anyone who is standing next to me in a queue at a cafe. And I find a face peculiar or interesting when my brain detects I know a face already which resembles this particular one. And the brain spawns a thread running an algorithm trying to find a face match considering all the face I've known so far. Yes, as expected, the database that stores all the faces is huge, which includes and not limited to relatives, friends, movie stars, TV series actors, sports players. On few occasions, this search hit is immediate and concludes the process. But on other occasions, the search goes on for quite some time irritatingly. Believe me, it's irritating, annoying and energy consuming when the brain can't figure out immediately and continues tiresomely to search every brain memory cell for the face match.

Few of my friends and colleagues are aware of this interesting feature in me. Few of them might have already got my texts mentioning about their look alike, according to my brain's algorithm.

I would like to bring to your notice few samples which went through this process of identification. And here are they:

- Neymar & Kunal Kemu (Football star & Indian movie actor)

- Dileep Rao & Rohit Sharma (American actor & Indian cricketer)

So what do you think about this interesting feature? :)