Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2016

Run category: 10K
Timing: 01:04:57

It was time to up the ante so I decided to register for a 10K as I've been piling up lot of miles lately.
Initially, I planned to register for Goa River Run but later decided to avoid out-of-town runs to reduce travel. I've recently traveled around quite a bit so decided to checkout any 10Ks in the city itself. Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, consisting of full, half, 10K & 5K marathons, was also scheduled at exactly the same time of Goa run, so got registered immediately.
Last Sunday, I had a long run of 10K at easy pace and I could finish it in 70 mins. Based on that, I set a target of 65 mins or lesser. I would love to finish sub-60 mins but achieving this target would be very difficult with the given preparation.

Bengaluru Midnight Marathon was conducted in the Whitefield area of Bengaluru city. Mary Kom graced the occasion and it was conducted quite nicely. The 10K race started at 10PM and as planned I ran the whole 9K with consistent pace and left some energy to finish off strongly in the last kilometer. I finished in 64 mins 57 seconds and was quite satisfied with it. With that I've got the confidence I can improve that timing further in coming runs.

I saw good participation with good arrangements. Reaching the venue caused some issue due to traffic jams as it was Saturday late evening. One thing which the organizers can improve is to have full road for one way route instead of dividing it for two-way with a U-turn at the end. This caused little congestion at certain phases. I understand, this would make extra roads to be blocked for the event. Anyways, organizers would have got first hand info and would have already noted.

Looking forward for more running in coming days.

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