Sunday, April 9, 2017

Long evening run

Sunday long run: 69 mins

Summer's here and the sun rises are early. Not quite a comfortable situation if you plan to have a long run in the morning. Sun's already up at 6:30am and you need to be faster than the sun at least by an hour to avoid running in hot sun.

The lazy part of me won today as I wasn't able to wake up at 5:45am. I immediately procrastinated for evening run around the lake as usual. 

The plan was to run for an hour without any stops at conversational pace. From past couple of weeks I accomplished running more than 5Ks quite easily. Hence I decided to stretch myself with an hour run this time.

I generally start at easy pace but as I cover 1 KM, I tend to increase my pace automatically. I realized the faster pace a little past 2KMs mark, so I reduced it immediately. I covered around 3KMs with easy breathing with only my nose doing the job. Later, it became harder due to which I had to start breathing through my mouth to ease the load. After a solid 7KMs mark, the breathing was in rhythm and I decided to give my lungs further load by breathing only through my nose. I reached my goal of 1 hour run and I still wanted to run more. I continued for 5 more minutes and before stopping I checked the distance covered and it read 9.3 KMs and that's when I decided to close it with a round figure of 10KMs. I finished my workout of 10KMs in ~69 mins and it was indeed satisfying. It always feels good to run more than the planned distance giving a little extra at the end, pushing the limits.

I had started my run a few minutes before dusk and by the time I finished, it was already dark and the security personnel was waiting for all the people to finish up so that he can lock the gate and call it a day.

Plan is to up the ante with combination of tempo, interval and long runs in the following weeks.

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