Friday, June 29, 2018

Face resemblance

Well, I'm not here to talk about the Facebook's face recognition or any other apps available in the app stores. I want to talk about one of my in-built feature which I'm not sure when or how it started.

I've this feature, rather a tendency, of trying to find a face match when I see any peculiar face. The face can be of anybody's - an actor while watching a movie, a friend, a colleague or for that matter anyone who is standing next to me in a queue at a cafe. And I find a face peculiar or interesting when my brain detects I know a face already which resembles this particular one. And the brain spawns a thread running an algorithm trying to find a face match considering all the face I've known so far. Yes, as expected, the database that stores all the faces is huge, which includes and not limited to relatives, friends, movie stars, TV series actors, sports players. On few occasions, this search hit is immediate and concludes the process. But on other occasions, the search goes on for quite some time irritatingly. Believe me, it's irritating, annoying and energy consuming when the brain can't figure out immediately and continues tiresomely to search every brain memory cell for the face match.

Few of my friends and colleagues are aware of this interesting feature in me. Few of them might have already got my texts mentioning about their look alike, according to my brain's algorithm.

I would like to bring to your notice few samples which went through this process of identification. And here are they:

- Neymar & Kunal Kemu (Football star & Indian movie actor)

- Dileep Rao & Rohit Sharma (American actor & Indian cricketer)

So what do you think about this interesting feature? :)

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