Monday, June 25, 2018

My first sub-60 minute 10K

Yeah!! I ran a 10K in sub-60 minute for the very first time in my life :)

Running a sub-60 minute 10K was like a long pending wish and I'm totally euphoric about this achievement. It all happened during a training run for the upcoming marathon which I've registered for.

If you have read my previous posts or if you are one of my close friends or colleagues, you might be already aware that I've been consistent with my runs during last couple of years. And during this time I've always tried to achieve this feat of sub-60 minutes but unfortunately was falling short by just couple of minutes. I had couple of 10Ks at 62-63 minutes on previous occasions and that was really disheartening. But I knew I could improve and that's exactly what happened this weekend, finally.

This improvement is seen primarily due to some changes I've made in my running routines and I'm glad I could figure out and bring in those changes. This has given me extra boost for further improvements and I know I will be doing better in my forth coming marathons.

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